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Q&A Magnotherapy and Magnetic Jewellery


Magnetic Treatment.

Kenko Bio


We use two ‘Bio Belts’ each is made up of 5 polar-faced magnets. The ‘Bio Belts’ are long flexible magnetic belts that can be positioned on the body where it is required, the belts bend so that the ‘Therapeutic Side’ wraps around the body. The person remains fully clothed during the session.

The Kenko Bio have the magnetic intensity of 550 Gauss (+/- 50). The ‘Bio Belts’ use alternating magnetic polarity and magnetic fields, providing a therapeutic massage as the magnets gently vibrate and a comfortable warm heat is generated that helps the muscles to relax.

‘Bio Belt’ positioning

  1. The ‘Bio Belt’ is placed near the soles of the feet, his area is believed to be the second heart of the body and where the blood starts to return to the heart, placing the ‘Bio Belt’ here is believed to stimulate blood flow and is beneficial if a person suffers with poor circulation in the feet e.g. cold feet.
  2. The ‘Bio Belt’ is placed around the waist and is believed to stimulate the panaceas, adrenals and gonads.
  3. The ‘Bio Belt’ is placed vertically down the spinal column and is believed to help relax the spinal nervous system and back muscles. This is believed to improve blood circulation and help to increase oxygen in the blood.
  4. The ‘Bio Belt’ is placed around the neck and is believed to stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands.
  5. The ‘Bio Belt’ is placed around the top of the head and it is believed to stimulate the pituitary glands and scalp, this is believed to fortify hair roots.

The ‘Bio Belt’ if applied to fractures it is believed to reduce the uniting time by 50% to re-establish resilience, known as calcification.

Session Times:

When having treatment of 8-15 minutes (except head and neck area) per position. The benefits will be increased using both ‘Bio Belts’ simultaneously over one area.

Subsequent session timings may be :

Head 2-3 minutes maximum.

Neck 3-5 minutes maximum.

Soles of the feet 8-15 minutes maximum.

Waist 8-15 minutes maximum.

Vertical Spine 8-15 minutes maximum.

The Kenko Bio which has more than 30 years of studies and research carried out by Dr. ONISHI. Appliance duly registered with the Ministry of Health of Japan under paragraph 59 B – 1200, after being tested and proven effective for many doctors and Hospitals in Japan. In Brazil it is registered as Electromagnetic Therapy Apparatus and have been registration granted by ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) under number 80087290002.

(Magnetic Treatment and Products should not be worn by anyone fitted with a heart pacemaker or other implant that could be affected by a strong magnetic field.)

When having treatment you may feel slightly worse before you start to get better. This is known as the ‘Natural Healing Crisis’ it is where the body starts to naturally detox, releasing any toxins in the body. This normally lasts a few days. Please remember to keep drinking plenty of water to flush the toxins out of the body.


So How does it Work?


The human body is designed to heal itself and we all know that life is sustained by the circulation of blood, The blood is composed essentially of "red and white blood cells", plasma and platelets (blood clotting).

RED BLOOD CELLS: Play the function of distributing to the cells of the organism the oxygen absorbed through the lungs and carry carbon dioxide outwards expelled by gas exchange.

WHITE BLOOD CELLS: Play the function of protecting the body against external enemies, such as: bacteria that penetrate the blood through wounds, or destroy the virus that have penetrated in the blood. They are the soldiers of our body's defense.

PLATELETS play a very important role in blood clotting. When a blood vessel breaks, they release a chemical called prothrombin. The thromboplastin acts indirectly by causing a protein in the plasma, Fibrinogen, turns into fibrin.Fibrin has the appearance of long filaments that Flagstone and originate a network. There, the mythic elements of blood run aground in the mesh of the network and appear in thick batter, which is the BLOOD CLOT. The clot prevents blood from leaking through the wound and forms  a scab thus, the bleeding stops.

Without a sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients and the efficient removal of toxins and other waste products, the body ceases to function properly.

The powerful field of the magnet is thought to improve circulation, ensuring that a greater number of oxygen-carrying red cells and healing white cells of our immune system reach every part of the body. As a result this reduces pain and swelling, increases the supply of nutrients to the affected area and in turn helps the body heal.

Any form of therapy that improves circulation and helps the blood detoxify is of huge benefit in the anti-inflammatory and healing processes.


Who may benefit from Magnotherapy?


Just about everyone! Arthritis, sports injuries, poor circulation, blood pressure, skin complaints, fatigue syndrome as well as general aches and pains are just a few of the many conditions that users claim have been eased by magnotherapy.

From very young children with conditions such as eczema to the elderly who may be suffering with arthritis – from the “man in the street” to the world class sportsman/woman who need more energy and increased performance – from dogs and horses to baby elephants with bad backs – we’re all looking for that improved feeling of wellbeing, aren’t we?

European legislation prevents us listing all the conditions that people claim have been helped using Magnotherapy on themselves, however, many owners have reported amazing improvement and/or recovery from the following conditions in animals:


Achiles tendon – severed


Post surgical healing



Quicker healing





Hind limb paralysis


Back pain

Hock injuries

Scar tissue

Blood pressure


Sinus problems

Bone spavin

Joint arthrosis

Skin sores/ulcers

Broken bones healing


Spinal damage


Ligaments – strained



Muscular pain & strain


Congenital hip dysplasia








Swollen joints





Pain – chronic



Partial paralysis

Walking disabilities


Poor circulation

Wound healing


Magnetic Treatment. Physiology.


Under the action of electromagnetic field in the bloodstream, the haemoglobin molecules will be directly affected, the iron atoms, which are directly influenced by magnetism, acting as true imams, increasing the capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) and consequently releasing more oxygen (O2).

When applying an electromagnetic field on human body, we redirect the molecules and magnetised cells. Due to this, there is a better oxygenation, better quality of the blood and improving health.

The blood fluids are heavily influenced by the effect of the electromagnetism, through various processes. The ionization is one of the effects, in which the complex molecules depart in minor positive and negatively charged ions.

In addition, there is a profound effect of electromagnetism on the viscosity, temperature, electrical conductivity, density and surface tension of the blood.

The red blood cell contains iron atoms, which is favourably influenced by electromagnetism. With the aid of electromagnetism, the blood flow in the arteries and veins are regulated properly because of changes of properties, and with the regulation of the flow, oxygenation and the proper nutrition of the body's cells cause the harmonisation of tissue activity.

Other undesirable substances resulting from the metabolism attached and absorbed in intimate vessels, are dissolved and ionized or scuffed, affecting efficient metabolism. This is because the electromagnetic field increases the rate of crystallization in liquids, avoiding metabolic deposits.

The magnetic resonance reduces the deposits of cholesterol, calcium and urea by ionization through electrolytic dissociation, and eliminating them through the urine, exerting profound beneficial effect on diseases like arteriosclerosis, gout and arthritis.

Similarly, the stones formed in the Kidneys and Bladder are slowly dissolved by electrolytic dissociation and eliminated through the urine, this process accelerated and assisted by ingesting water in large quantity.

The detrimental organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, or any foreign matter, are engulfed by white blood cells, preventing infection and helping the immune system to function effectively. Electromagnetism has favorable effect on the self-regulatory body mechanism, strengthening the immune system, and helping the body to fight against the diseases in a most natural way.

Where there is injury or trauma, the neuron sends the message to the brain, the brain sends the reply immediately to the injured site in the form of pain (burning, burning, etc.), depending on the person, in milliseconds.

The application of the Kenko Bio triggers ENDORPHINS to be transmitted to the painful area reducing the pain naturally.

(Magnetic Products should not be worn by anyone fitted with a heart pacemaker or other implant that could be affected by a strong magnetic field.)

People who have the following should not have treatment.

  • Ladies who are pregnant.
  • People who wear pacemakers.
  • People wearing insulin delivery systems.
  • People wearing defibrillators.
  • People using implanted pain modulators.
  • Myasthenia gravis.
  • People suffering with active bleeding like ulcers and blood clots.
  • Hyperthyroidism.
  • Adrenal or Pituitary Dysfunctions.
  • Acute viral disease.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Malignancies (even if in remission).
  • Psychoses.
  • Seizures.
  • Systemic myopic diseases.
  • Organic atherosclerosis.
  • Excessive menstruation.
  • Metal plates, surgical implants, metal screws or pins in body.
  • Pleurisy (lung infection).

Magnetic Jewellery

How does Magnetic Jewellery Work?

Magnets are negatively charged and strengths range from 50-4000 gauss upwards, this is how magnets are measured. The word gauss was devised by Karl Friedrich Gauss and he discovered how to measure the strength of a magnet, so the higher the Gauss the stronger the magnet will be so it can penetrate through matter such as human tissue, thus aiding natural healing. The therapeutic range of a piece magnetic jewellery to be worn over a 24 hour period is between 800 and 4000 Gauss.


Different lengths may help with different complaints such as Asthma, digestion and respiratory disorders and hypothyroidism but not for hyperthyroidism.

The magnet necklace it thought to help relax the shoulder and neck muscles, it is believed to have an oscillating action which is believed to remove calcifications in the cervical (neck) vertebrae.

Depending on the length of the necklace it may benefit:

  • Medium (42cm) – may be effective for hypothyroidism (not effective for hyperthyroidism).
  • Large (45cm) – may be effective for lower respiratory tract and lungs.
  • Extra Large (50cm) – may be effective for the thymus and may help to strengthen the immune system.
  • XXL (60cm) – may be effective for the heart.
  • XXXL (70cm) – may be effective for stomach functioning and may help digestion.


This one of the most popular ways of wearing a magnet giving very positive results for all conditions and well being, it is believed that it frees attached red blood cells which results in a 15% increase in oxygen transport to improve metabolism, detoxification, stabilizing blood pressure, rejuvenation of cells and activates the body’s own healing processes. Bracelets are believed to help with joint pain. Magnets are believed to be very effective at relieving rheumatic or arthritic pain. Ensure the bracelet is close fitting so that the magnets are near as possible to the skin.


These may help with sinus problems, headaches and migraines.


It is believed magnets are effective when worn as magnetic rings on different fingers So that it works on the acupuncture points which relates to different body parts that are most prone to weight gain. It is believed these points cause the digestive system to speed up and process the food more efficiently so rather than building up fatty acids it helps to remove them. Magnetic Rings are believed to reduce fat deposits in different parts of the body.

Thumb – may benefit the face

Index finger – may benefit the arms

Middle finger – may benefit the stomach.

.Ring finger – may benefit the waist.

Little finger – may benefit the legs.


The Magdua is a small handheld magnetic device known as a portable stress reliever, it can be used to give a refreshing massage. The two magnetic balls, which contain strontium ferrite magnets, are contained in a blue holder and have nodules on them that stimulate areas of the body when rolled briskly in the area of tension and pain, the nodules refresh and stimulate the entire body. The spinning motion of the Magdua expands the static magnet surface area to that of the size of a ‘beach ball’. A ‘Roll Out’ with a Magdua leaves you feeling calm and relaxed.

The benefits of the MagDua are believed to be:

  • The Magdua is believed to release stress and tension from the body.
  • The Magdua is believed to help relieve pain, it is believed by briskly rolling the MagDua over the area of pain for 60 seconds it can greatly reduce or eliminate pain in 90% of people.
  • The Magdua is believed to increase circulation in the areas as it is briskly rolled; this aids the body to channel nutrients and waste around the body.
  • The Magdua is believed to stimulate the nerves.
  • The Magdua is believed to help with hand and wrist discomfort when the two magnet balls are either removed from the holder and rolled between the hands like ‘stress balls’ or rolled on the hands in the container.
  • The Magdua is believed to help neuropathy pain in the feet and legs if the MagDua is rolled up and down the legs for 10 minutes before bedtime, it is believed it helps relieve nerve pain. 

I am registered with Nikken who have a large range of Magnetic Products.


Please click on the Link below to see their Web Site.