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What is Magnotherapy ?


A non-invasive, natural treatment to help relieve aches amd pains and accelerate healing.


Magnotherapy is nothing new – it has been used for thousands of years to help relieve pain and accelerate the natural healing process. Cleopatra was said to have worn a small magnet on her forehead to preserve her beauty and cure her headaches and in the 16th century Elizabeth I used it to alleviate pain from arthritis – magnetic collars are even worn by animals proving it can’t be “all in the mind”!

In recent times magnotherapy has become more popular for two reasons – first, the search for complementary natural remedies for conditions that conventional medicine doesn’t always help and, secondly, the improvements in magnet technology.


Why Have Treatment or Wear a Magnetic Product?


With more and more success stories hitting the press and both the acceptance of, and demand for, magnet therapy increasing, it is no surprise that more and more companies are entering the market place in an attempt to emulate the success enjoyed by having a magnotherapy treatment or using a magnetic products.

Magnetic energy is part of the natural universe and surrounds all living things — but modern civilization has altered this environment, Magnetic Treatment and Products helps restore the normal conditions in which human beings are meant to live and thrive.


Can I help you?

We use an Electromagnetic therapy device called a Kenko Bio. The treatment is 5 sessions of 30 minutes over 5 days at your home.

1. Free consultation over the phone.

2. First visit to your home discuss problems and treatment with the equipment.

3. Follow up visits for 4 days

Please read the information on the Q&A Page, if you wish to Contact Me to discuss your needs, please phone or email on the number on the “Contact Me” Page.

The fees are like all of us, individual. It really does depend on how long the work takes me and where you live.

I am always happy to discuss the costs with you and do offer an initial free consultation to make sure that I can help you.

Sometimes it’s the areas of benefit that you don’t or are unable to see that can be the most significant in your quest towards improved your health.

As with most things in life remember “You get what you pay for”.


I am Registered with Nikken who have a large range of Magnetic Products which I recommend.


      PiMag Waterfall  Kenko Seat   Magduo    M-Steps    Power Band   Kaikie Braclets  PiMag Bottle     Mattress        Quilt             Pillow              PetPad


Please click on the Link below to see their Web Site.